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“Art is a line around your thoughts.”

— Gustav Klimt

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Born in the eastern foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and raised on Otis Redding and cheese grits. The journey to becoming a visual artist has been a long time coming. I grew up with a love for creating any and every thing. Little did I know how much of an impact the music my parents listened to while I was growing up would have on my life. I have fell more and more in love with the culture and music of the late 60s and 70s throughout the years. Many of the color choices in my work are strongly connected with those found in 60s and 70s wallpapers, textiles, and album covers. Think: warm, muted + earthy colors. The colors used in my work are paramount + thoughtfully curated. I am fascinated in exploring all types of media; However, I have focused my practice on color theory, painting, fibers + wood. I, also, dabble in graphic design, floral design + photography. As far as style, I lean toward creating more aesthetic + abstract pieces. The forms within my pieces ride the line of organic and geometric. As for content, I am fascinated with tackling more abstract concepts + authentic subjects. I find inspiration from observations of internal + external influences in the world that we live in. In a world of brokenness, hate, illness (physical + mental) + so much more, I strive to seek the beauty + joy that is hidden amongst every day, ordinary life. I believe art can breathe life into communities + be a light for the dark places we find ourselves in. Ultimately, I believe that art improves the quality of life.

charlottesville, va
raleigh, nc
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